A small In Development Twine Texted based Game I am working on for university.


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The supermarket route was very interesting, and was quite immersive. I really felt the decisions I was making up that route were meaningful and was rewarded mostly. Perhaps I was lucky, maybe you need that in the Zombie Apocolypse.

Great story telling I am excited to see it finished. I could feel the importance of every decision. Hard to fault.

WIP it WIP it good WIP it just like you should! make sure you get this finished its really good so far would like to play again when its finished

SO long but well written and very immersive.

Not bad....but WIP

I killed myself in the beginning :( Very good game, cant wait to see the final version.

Not bad lots of branching arcs, I enjoyed the little bit when I died

Favourite slide "WIP"